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Keeping the culture alive, one weave at a time

Still hands, focused mindset, hard work and patience are skills needed to achieve a pure art thru a loom weaving technique, a laborious process that takes weeks to complete a finished product called “Abel”, a hand-woven traditional cloth from various fabric, yarns and threads crafted for durability.

The colors, hand embroidery, designs and materials of the cloth are symbolic among the indigenous communities as it manifests culture, tradition and beliefs that loom weaving villagers practice from Ilocos Sur to Abra, northern provinces in the Philippines.

It takes around a week to weave more than 80 yards of Abel cloth, indeed is a commitment, the goal to help the elderlies of the loom weaving industry in keeping the culture alive, hoping to inspire and encourage the youth to follow suit.

A particular weave called “Kantarines”, woven in stripes is the main feature in our collection.

The Abel loom weaving is a very valuable practice that must be passed down to future generations. Clothing mainly used for ceremonial apparels. The abel itself is a richly textured weaving of social, political and cultural history in a form more functional, every tribe’s weave is as unique as they are scintillating, this season’s collection of bright and muted hues, and delicate lines,can definitely be embraced in an urbanite’s wardrobe.

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